Working with React Native

Live Classroom
Duration: 5 days
Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 5 days
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This course is designed for experienced web developers who need to build and design applications using React Native. This course presents participants with the opportunity to explore the core APIs and components while enabling them to apply these skills to the course case study project for creating a React Native app in class.

What You'll Learn

  • Getting started with React Native
  • React fundamentals: 7 steps of app development
  • Building a React Native app
  • Core components
  • Core APIs


  • Weather app
  • Starting the project
  • Expo
  • Components
  • Custom components

    • Breaking the app into components
    • 7 step process
    • Step 2: Build a static version of the app
    • Step 3: Determine what should be stateful
    • Step 4: Determine in which component each piece of state should live
    • Step 5: Hardcode initial states
    • Step 6: Add inverse data flow
    • Updating timers
    • Deleting timers
    • Adding timing functionality
    • Add start and stop functionality
    • Methodology review

    • What are components?
    • Building an Instagram clone
    • View
    • StyleSheet
    • Text
    • TouchableOpacity
    • Image
    • ActivityIndicator
    • FlatList

    • TextInput
    • ScrollView
    • Modal

    • Building a messaging app
    • Initializing the project
    • The app
    • Network connectivity indicator
    • The message list
    • Toolbar
    • Geolocation
    • Input Method Editor (IME)

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    Who should attend

    This is an intermediate and beyond-level course, designed for web developers with prior experience working with React.

    This course is highly recommended for:

    • ReactJS & React native developers
    • React.js developers
    • Java developers
    • Full stack developers
    • Web developers
    • Application developers
    • Software developers
    • Software engineers


    Participants must have recently attended the course Mastering React | React, Redux, JSX, Flux, Forms, Unit Testing & More – 5 days / comprehensive or have skills equivalent to it.

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