Media Essentials for IT Decision Makers

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Duration: 2 days
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Duration: 2 days
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The Amazon Web Services (AWS) authorized Media Essentials for IT Decision Makers is a course designed to help participants for designing and using cloud-based video workflows, empowering them to develop a cloud migration strategy for media workflows. The course covers important concepts related to video processing and delivery, the variables that can impact migration decisions, as well as real-world examples of hybrid and cloud use-cases for AWS Media Services. The course also introduces the participants to concepts of security, machine learning, and analytics which can help them realize how AWS Media Services would fit into their overall cloud strategy.

What You'll Learn

  • Articulate the essential terms and concepts fundamental to video metrics, compression, distribution, and the major protocols used in video streaming
  • Recognize how other AWS services for compliance, storage, and compute, interact with the AWS Media Services in video streaming workflows and the functions they perform
  • Identify the key stages in the journey to the AWS Cloud
  • List the features and functionality of the AWS Media Services
  • Describe the four fundamental stages of video streaming workflows – Ingest, Process, Store, and Deliver
  • Explain the importance of security in the AWS cloud and how it is applied in video streaming workflows
  • Analyze video streaming workflow diagrams using AWS services, based on simple-to-complex use cases
  • Describe some of the key variables that influence workflow decisions
  • Describe strategies to test or prototype workflows to mitigate risk & cost impacts and optimize video streaming workflows
  • Identify the next steps in exploring migration to the cloud for one or more Media Services
  • Use the AWS Management Console to build and run simple video streaming workflows for live and video-on-demand content
  • Recognize the automation/data analytics available for Media Services when used with AWS Machine Learning and explore media-specific use cases for these services


  • The Big Picture
  • Video metrics
  • Video compression
  • Video distribution
  • Major protocols used in video streaming

  • Four stages of video streaming workflows
  • Security
  • Five variables in design decisions

  • VOD simple use case
  • VOD advanced use case
  • Lab 1: Build and run a simple VOD workflow

  • Challenges of live streaming
  • Live streaming simple use case
  • Live streaming advanced use case
  • Machine learning and analytics
  • Lab 2: Build and run a simple live workflow

  • Overview of migration
  • Overview of cloud financial management
  • Next steps – Exploring migration to the AWS Cloud
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This course has no recommended prerequisites.

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