Duration: 24 Hours
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The Knockout.js is a standalone JavaScript implementation of the Model-view-viewmodel pattern with templates which helps to create rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model.

The section of UI that updates dynamically (e.g., when an external data source changes or changing depending on the user’s actions), Knockout.js can help you implement it in a more simple and sustainable way.

What You'll Learn

The key take away from the program are:
  • How Knockout works
  • Debugging techniques for declarative HTML and JavaScript view models
  • Exploring data context and observables
  • The power of subscriptions, custom functions and performance tuning, uses of custom bindings
Duration: 24 Hours


  • Introduction to knockout.js
  • Knockout Features
  • Benefits of using knockout
  • MVVM
  • Your first knockout Example

  • Understanding Observable Property
  • Reading and writing Observables
  • Notify Subscribers
  • Delay change notifications
  • Observable Arrays

  • Visible
  • Text
  • Html
  • CSS
  • Style
  • Attr

  • if
  • ifnot
  • with
  • foreach

  • Click Binding
  • Passing data to method
  • Event Binding
  • Submit Biding
  • HasFocus Biding
  • Checked Binding
  • Options and selectedOptions Binding
  • Unobtrusive Event Handling

  • Understanding Template Binding
  • Rendering Named Template
  • ForEach option with a named template
  • Using as to give an alias to forEach
  • Dynamically choosing a template

  • Define a Component
  • Register a Component
  • Specifying a Template
  • Using Component without a container
  • Login Component
  • Using Template

  • Writing Component
  • Using Custom Component
  • Module 8: Handling JSON objects
  • JSON ViewModel Interoperability
  • Updating View Model using JSON
  • KO Mapping PlugIn
  • Unmapping to JavaScript Objects
  • Working with JSON Strings

Example to perform CRUD operations using KO and Web API
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Basic Knowledge of JavaScript

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