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Duration: 4 days
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Duration: 4 days
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SoapUI is considered to be one of the most formidable open-source, cross-platform web services testing application, mainly associated with the service–oriented architectures (SOA) and representational state transfers (REST) web services. It comprises functional testing, load testing, regression testing, and compliance testing of web services. It is also responsible for inspecting, developing, and simulating the web services being tested.

Cognixia’s SOAP UI training course covers how to install and configure SoapUI, create workspaces and navigation through the application, web services and their testing with a dry run of the languages and operations that are a part of the entire process.

What You'll Learn

  • Web service testing ethics
  • Different modules of web services
  • Right tools for the right test
  • Practical discussion on web service applications
  • Service oriented architectures
  • Methods and strategies of testing analysis
  • Functionality of the automated tasks


    • What is API?
    • How does an API work?
    • Advantages of API
    • API vs web services
    • API vs DLL
    • DLL vs WebAPIs
    • DLL vs Web Services
    • What is API testing?
    • Test cases for API testing based on API output

    • Based on declaration
    • Based on invocation
    • Based on availability

    • Service object architecture – a case study
    • Web service introduction and architecture
    • Web service components
    • Alternative to SOAP
    • Types of web services
    • Web service testing approach
    • HTTP methods (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE)

    • Installing SOAPUI
    • Setting up SOAPUI
    • Creating WorkSpace
    • Copying the WorkSpace
    • Importing project
    • XML basics
    • XML rules
    • XML attribute elements

    • Creating Project, TestSuite, TestCase, TestStep
    • Copying TestSuite, TestCase
    • Enabling/disabling TestSteps

    • TestRequest
    • Groovy Script
    • Properties
    • Property Transfer
    • Condition Goto
    • Delay
    • Run TestCase
    • DataSource
    • DataSource Loop
    • DataSink
    • DataGen

    • Types of DataSource
    • Feeding Test with Data
    • Associating Assertion with Data Driven Tests
    • Writing test results
    • Test on-demand

    • Contains
    • Not Contains
    • SOAP Response
    • Script Assertion
    • Xpath Match
    • Xquery Match

    • TestSuite report
    • TestCase report
    • Customize reports

    • Basic Script
    • Groovy Collections
    • Map
    • List
    • Functions
    • Regular expressions
    • Classes and objects
    • Excel interaction
    • Running Java program in SOAPUI
    • Running SOAP UI in Java

    • GetProperties using Groovy
    • SetProperties using Groovy
    • GetXML using Groovy
    • SetNode/GetNode using Groovy
    • Add Node/RemoveNode using Groovy

    • Basic Queries
    • Connect with Oracle database
    • Executing the query and getting the results
    • Compare the query results
    • Execute plsql block

    • Overview of service mocking
    • Getting started
    • Working with mock services
    • Mock operations and Responses
    • Creating dynamic mock services
    • Deploying mock service as WAR files

    • Getting started
    • Understanding REST parameters
    • Working with REST services
    • REST resources and methods
    • Working with REST requests
    • REST functional testing
    • Code generation

    • Getting started
    • Creating and running load tests
    • Simulating different types of loads
    • Validating performance
    • Exporting data and statistics
    • Scripting possibilities
    • Memory management
    • Command line execution
    • Threads

    • Selenium web drivers
    • TestNG
    • Junit
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    Who should attend

    This training course is highly recommended for current and aspiring –
    • Software Testers
    • Software Programmers
    • UI Tester
    • Test Engineer
    • Database Testers
    • Manual Testers
    • API Testers
    • Software Development Engineers
    • Full Stack Developer
    • Application Architect
    • Web API Developer
    • QA Engineer
    • Java Developers
    • Oracle Developers
    • Automation Engineers
    • Application Analysts


    Participants need to have a basic knowledge of software testing and programming.

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