Leading SAFe® 5.1 Training (SAFe® Agilist Certification)

Leading SAFe® 5.1 - Thriving in the Digital Age with Business Agility
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The SAFe 5.1 – the latest version of the Scaled Agile Framework was released in January 2020 and it is a knowledge base of established integrated principles, practices, and competencies. SAFe helps lean enterprises achieve business agility using lean, agile, and DevOps principles and frameworks. This most recent version of SAFe is built around seven core competencies – lean-agile leadership, team & technical agility, agile product delivery, enterprise solution delivery, lean portfolio management, organizational agility, and continuous learning culture. Scaled Agile itself has built on the key belief that better software and systems make the world a better place, while SAFe 5 comes with the ambitious mission to enable the business agility that is required for enterprises to compete and thrive in the digital age.

The Leading SAFe® course aims to introduce participants to the foundations of SAFe and impart guidance on the principles and practices that would drive the Lean-Agile transformation with confidence. The Leading SAFe training course offers valuable tools that one would need to lead effectively in both remote and hybrid environments of today with teams distributed across geographies. The Leading SAFe course helps one gain a deeper understanding of how companies can build business agility and how SAFe can be implemented in the organization. The course will focus on how SAFe would help one improve quality, employee engagement, productivity, as well as time-to-market. The Leading SAFe course empowers participants with all the skills and knowledge they need to help align their organization toward common goals & objectives. It will also help them be proficient in improving the generation of value and the flow of work from strategy to delivery. Additionally, the SAFe Agilist training and certification course will shed light on what makes companies more customer-centric while also helping participants explore how to run SAFe alignment and planning events, such as PI planning.

The Leading SAFe online training will focus on answering three key questions:

  • What is SAFe?
  • What is business agility and how does SAFe support it?
  • How does an organization get started with the Scaled Agile Framework?

What You'll Learn

The Leading SAFe online training course would cover the following, in line with the official Scaled Agile Framework guidelines:

  • How to realize the benefits of SAFe for boosting productivity, improving product quality, decreasing time-to-market, and increasing employee engagement
  • How to establish a team and technical agility
  • How to organize tasks and operations around the flow of value
  • How to align massive organizations around clear, common objectives
  • How to participate successfully in critical SAFe events, such as PI planning
  • How to adopt a customer-centric mindset


Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

PI planning

Embracing a Lean-Agile mindset

Executing and releasing value

Understanding SAFe principles

Implementing an Agile release train

Coordinating large value streams

Leading the Lean-Agile enterprise

How to thrive in the digital age with business agility

How to establish team and technical agility

Build solutions with Agile product delivery

Explore lean portfolio management
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The Leading SAFe course is open to everyone, regardless of their experience. However, it is highly recommended that those intending to appear for the SAFe® 5 Agilist (SA) certification exam have:

  • At least 5 years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis product, or project management
  • Prior work experience in Scrum


SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework. It is a library or knowledge base of established, integrated principles, practices, and competencies that help lean enterprises to achieve business agility using lean, agile, and DevOps.

Since its first release in 2011, SAFe has had five updates, the latest one – SAFe 5 being released in 2020. Besides major version releases, the Scaled Agile Framework Knowledge Base is constantly updated with new and improved guidance.

The seven core competencies of lean enterprises are the competencies, according to SAFe 5 which would be critical to achieving & sustaining a competitive advantage. These seven core competencies are: • Lean-agile leadership • Team & technical agility • Agile product delivery • Enterprise solution delivery • Lean portfolio management • Organizational agility • Continuous learning culture

Agile certifications, like the SAFe Agilist certification, are among the top 10 requested certifications globally, according to multiple bodies, including and LinkedIn. Three major Agile roles have even made it to the World Economic Forum Top 10 list. So, the demand for SAFe Agilist online certification is at its peak and continues to grow.

According to the Scaled Agile Framework, 77% of the Certified SAFe professionals pursue the SAFe certification for professional development. 63% of the Agile professionals rely on the SAFe certifications to validate their knowledge and expertise. By getting a SAFe certification, you get an opportunity to widen your horizons by learning new skills and gaining new experience, which would in turn empower you to play a key role in driving the business transformation.

Yes, this Leading SAFe 5.1 – SAFe Agilist training is 100% online.

Once the Leading SAFe 5.1 online training is complete, the participant needs to appear for the SAFe Agilist certification exam conducted by SAFe, preferably within 30 days of completing the SAFe training. Upon clearing the SAFe Agilist certification exam, one earns the SAFe Agilist certification.

The SAFe Agilist online certification exam has a stipulated duration of 90 minutes.

There are 40 questions in the SAFe 5 Agilist certification exam.

One needs to answer 35 out of the 40 questions in the SAFe Agilist online certification exam.

The Leading SAFe course is open to everyone, regardless of their experience. However, it is highly recommended that those intending to appear for the SAFe® 5 Agilist (SA) certification exam have: • At least 5 years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis product, or project management • Prior work experience in Scrum

An internet speed of a minimum of 2 Mbps is essential to attend the live sessions of this online instructor-led Leading SAFe 5.1 – SAFe Agilist training and certification.

When you enroll for this SAFe Agilist training, you get lifetime access to our LMS, which would be your one-stop destination to access class recordings, presentations, projects, and lots of other learning material related to this SAFe Agilist course. Even if you miss a session, a recording of that session, as well as the other sessions would be available on the LMS that you can access anytime, anywhere.

For any queries you may have during this online Leading SAFe 5.1 training and certification course, you can reach out to our technical support team or your POC & they will guide you accordingly.

The Leading SAFe training program helps you earn the Certified SAFe Agilist credentials. This Agile training course is intended for leaders of lean-agile change initiatives to help them develop a lean-agile mindset and learn all about applying these principles & practices to support agile teams, programs, as well as program portfolio efforts of the organization. The course is an ideal fit for anybody looking to learn how to coordinate and lead a lean-agile transformation in their organization. It is highly recommended for:
  • Sr. Scrum masters
  • Sr. Product managers
  • Agile coaches
  • Change implementation leaders
  • Technical program managers
  • Business management analysts
  • Release management specialists
  • Project managers

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    Once the course is completed, you need to appear for an objective question-based assessment conducted by Cognixia. Based on your performance on different parameters such as attendance in the sessions, assessment scores, etc. you will be awarded a certificate by Cognixia.

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