Mastering Spring 4.3 and the Enterprise

Live Classroom
Duration: 5 days
Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 5 days
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This three day training course is designed for developers working with Java, aiming to provider participants with a practical introduction to the Spring framework and its relevance with respect to modern systems and architectures, and discussing how to use Spring with other technologies and frameworks to deliver superior performance and functionality. The course trains participants in the application of Spring using Maven for project and dependency management, helping them explore the benefits of the Spring framework and how to leverage it better by combining it with other technologies and frameworks. The course covers concepts such as Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection, as well as configuration management options such as XML, annotations JavaConfig and Spring expression language.

What You'll Learn

  • Examine how the Spring framework handles transactions, caching and non-traditional data repositories
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) within the context of the Enterprise
  • Spring Security to acquire and process authentication credentials as well as enforce authorization on enterprise resources
  • Integrate JMS into the Spring framework to utilize messaging
  • Implement RESTful services and clients using the Spring framework
  • Understand how to leverage the power of Spring Boot
  • Use Spring Boot to create and work with JPA repositories
  • Use Spring Boot to work in conjunction with Spring Cloud
  • Understand the Spring Cloud project and how it relates to general Cloud concepts and practices
  • Work with Spring Cloud configuration and the Config Client


  • Spring architecture
  • Dependency injection
  • Spring DI container
  • Bean creation using factories
  • Configuration options: XML, annotations or JavaConfig
  • Uses of Lambda expressions and method references in Spring
  • Tutorial: Setup eclipse neon for using Maven
  • Exercise: Hello World Spring applications (optional)
  • Exercise: Configuring dependencies

  • Spring’s pre-built factory beans
  • Property placeholder configurer
  • Custom property editors
  • Lazy bean resolution
  • Ordered autowiring
  • Using configuration classes
  • Organizational configuration classes
  • Exercise: Advanced configuration

  • Aspect oriented programming
  • Cross cutting concerns

  • Spring’s AOP in a nutshell
  • The three technologies of ‘Weaving’
  • Spring Advice types
  • Exercise: Spring AOP – Combined advice
  • Exercise: Spring AOP – Around advice

  • DAO implementation
  • Transaction support
  • Spring support for JCache
  • Spring data – JPA to NoSQL

  • Benefits of using Spring with Hibernate
  • Configuring Hibernate in Spring
  • Transaction management
  • Open sessions in view
  • Exercise: Using Spring and Hibernate

  • Spring security frameworks
  • Security interceptors
  • Authentication managers
  • Wiring in encoders and salts
  • Access decision managers

  • Spring security transparent to the client
  • Standard set of filters
  • Spring security config file
  • Securing Java code
  • Securing Java spring beans
  • Exercise: Using Spring security (Pt 1)
  • Exercise: Using Spring security (Pt 2)
  • Exercise: Using Spring security (Pt 3)
  • Exercise: Using Spring security (Pt 4)

  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • The JMS factory model
  • JMS queue architecture
  • Topic architecture
  • Messages

  • JMS Template
  • Callback methods
  • Spring messaging module
  • Message converters
  • Message Post Processor
  • Destinations
  • Working with @JMSListener

  • Understand how Spring supports the implementation of RESTful services
  • Use Spring to map URIs and extract values from the URI
  • Work with @RequestMapping to support routing decisions based on what type should be processed by associated method
  • Handle response codes
  • Work with view resolvers, HTTP message converters, and content negotiation
  • Exercise: Working with Spring REST

  • Understand how Spring supports browser-based RESTful clients
  • Understand how Spring supports Spring-based RESTful clients
  • Exercise: Injection in Spring REST
  • Exercise: Exception Mapping in Spring REST
  • Exercise: Content Negotiation in Spring REST

  • Understand the Spring IO Platform
  • Understand the IO Bill of Materials
  • Understand the IO Foundation
  • Learn how the IO Execution will be leveraged
  • Learn how Spring Cloud is used for Platform Coordination

  • What is Spring Boot
  • Explore Spring Boot starters
  • Examine Spring Boot’s AutoConfiguration as well as its command-line interface (CLI)
  • Understand the Spring Boot Actuator

  • Spring Boot JPA Starter
  • Examine Spring Boot’s AutoConfiguration
  • Understand the Spring Conditionals
  • Understand Spring Boot DevTools
  • Exercise: Create a “REST JPA Repository”

  • Explore additional Spring Boot starters
  • Bootstrapping Spring Boot
  • Understand Spring Boot Actuators
  • Create and run a Spring Thymeleaf MVC application
  • Exercise: Create a “Thymeleaf MVC With JPA Repository”

  • Common Property Overrides
  • ConditionEvaluationReport
  • Additional Configuration Options
  • Working with AutoConfiguration with Spring Cloud
  • Exercise: Preparing Spring Boot for Spring Cloud

  • Spring Cloud Project Overview
  • 12-Factor Applications
  • Spring Cloud Tools Supporting 12-Factors
  • Registration and Discovery
  • Circuit Breakers

  • Spring Cloud Config Project
  • Config Server and Client
  • Securing Server URI’s
  • Storing Config Properties
  • Accessing Config Properties
  • Exercise: Working with Config Server
  • Exercise: Config Branching

  • Spring Cloud Config Client
  • Starter and Bootstrap
  • Overriding Remote Properties
  • Exercise: Working with Config Client
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Who should attend

The Mastering Spring 4.3 and the Enterprise course is highly recommended for –
  • Software developers
  • Java developers
  • Full stack developers
  • Software engineers
  • Application developers


    Participants need to have experience working with Java.

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