Jenkins – Continuous Integration

Duration: 16 Hours
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Master continuous integration with Jenkins as a part of this comprehensive and hands-on course and internalize the best practices and techniques to install, configure, use and monitor Jenkins servers.

What You'll Learn

Upon completion of the course, participants would be able to:
  • Start a production-grade instance of a Jenkins server, complete with automated builds, tests, code quality audits and reports
  • Internalize administration of Jenkins instances, such as scripted maintenance, security and slave administration
  • Combine Jenkins with other tools in the development environment, such as issue tracking systems and source code browsers
  • Master additional features available in Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees
Duration: 16 Hours


  • Understanding continuous integration
  • Introduction about Jenkins
  • Build Cycle
  • Jenkins Architecture

  • Obtaining and installing Jenkins
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins using WAR and RPM
  • Java installation and configuration
  • Maven Installation
  • Exploring Jenkins Dashboard

  • Creating Jobs
  • Running the Jobs
  • Setting up the global environments for Jobs
  • Adding and updating Plugins
  • Disabling and deleting jobs

  • Understanding Deployment.
  • Tomcat installation and configuration

  • Authentication o Jenkins Plugin
  • Authorization
  • Confidentiality
  • Creating users
  • Best Practices for Jenkins
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