Duration: 24 Hours
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Ansible helps bring about IT automation, eliminating repetitive tasks and enabling DevOps teams to focus on more strategic work. Ansible enables DevOps teams to carry out App deployment and configuration management. It is a powerful automation tool that can be learnt quickly.

What You'll Learn

This Ansible training program helps build an expertise on all requirements, such provisioning, deploying, and managing compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments. Upon completion of the training, the learner would have explored –
  • Development of Ansible
  • Advantages and limitations of using Ansible
  • A brief into Configuration and Deployment
  • Variables and Modules
  • Playbooks
  • Dealing with Modules
Duration: 24 Hours


  • A brief into Ansible
  • Why Ansible?
  • Demonstration – From Bash to Ansible
  • Basic Ansible Jargon
  • Ansible – New Features

  • Creating an Ansible Home Base
  • Ansible Installation
  • Setting up the Test Environment
  • Target Machine Requirements

  • Configuration Hierarchy in Ansible
  • Hosts Inventory File in Ansible
  • Ad-Hoc Commands in Ansible
  • A brief into Playbooks
  • Playbook Structure
  • A brief into Modules
  • Common Modules
  • Variables and Facts

  • Real-Life Playbook: Mattermost Deployment
  • Real-Life Playbook: Walkthrough

  • Debugging and Troubleshooting in Ansible
  • Conditionals and Control Flow in Ansible
  • Templating, Control Flow, and Iteration in Jinja2
  • YAML Basics
  • Ansible Blocks
  • Performance and Execution Strategies
  • Ansible Galaxy

  • Ansible in the Cloud
  • Ansible AWS Demo
  • Ansible Tower
  • Security
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  • An understanding of the basics of UNIX OS, unless you are completely on Windows
  • Basic programming skills

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