GIT-Version Control

Duration: 16 Hours
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Git is a version control system (VCS) for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. It is primarily used for software development, but it can be used to keep track of changes in any files as well. This course enables participants to learn and solve versioning problems with your files and codes.

What You'll Learn

This course equips the participants with an understanding of:
  • Distributed version control system and its features
  • Setting up Git in your system
  • Listing the three-stage workflow in Git
  • Creating branches and track files
  • Creating a repository in Git and GitHub
  • Describing merging, cloning, rebasing, among others
Duration: 16 Hours


  • Introduction
  • What is Git
  • About Version Control System and Types
  • Difference between CVCS and DVCS
  • A short history of GIT
  • GIT Basics
  • GIT Command Line
  • Installing Git
  • Installing on Linux
  • Installing on Windows
  • Initial setup

  • Creating repository
  • Cloning, check-in and committing
  • Fetch pull and remote
  • Branching
  • Creating the Branches, switching the branches, merging the branches
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Basic knowledge of Windows Command line

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