Generative AI as a Collaborator

How to leverage Gen AI as a partner in your day-to-day work
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With the recent advancements in Generative AI, one of the best things to keep yourself ahead is to see Generative AI as a collaborator and a supporting force rather than a competition. This course is designed to help you explore the core tenets of working with Generative AI from a partnership perspective. The course discusses how you can leverage Generative AI tools as a collaborator and accomplish a multitude of tasks effectively. 

Why this

This course will help you learn: 

  • Fundamentals of Generative AI 
  • Identifying false information 
  • How to work with Generative AI as a collaborator 
  • Leveraging Generative AI for L&D and effective idea generation 


Identifying hallucinations and false information

Confirmation of all solutions 

Generative AI as a collaborator

Having Generative AI enhance the problem-solving process

Leveraging Generative AI with L&D

Idea generation

Concise prompt communication 

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There are no prerequisites for this course. 


Generative AI is a subset of AI that focuses on understanding patterns and structure in data and then using that to create more data like it.

Yes, absolutely! The Digital DNA: Generative AI as a Collaborator course is a virtual, instructor-led program so you can enroll and learn from anywhere.

This course is designed to be highly hands-on for all learners. Roughly 70% of this course would be hands-on practical training while 30% would be theoretical studies.

Yes! There will be a pre- and post-assessment for every module during the course.

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