Responsible AI

Navigate the landscape of ethical considerations in Generative AI
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Ensuring the responsible use of Generative AI and understanding the implications within prompt engineering is the need of the hour. Cognixia’s Responsible AI training course focuses on exploring the best practices for the conscientious use of artificial intelligence. In this course, learners will gain valuable insights into fact-checking, false information, source verification, etc., and help build a well-rounded perspective on the ethical considerations of using Generative AI.

Why this

This course will help you learn:

  • Ethics and best practices for using Generative AI
  • Ensuring ethical and responsible use of Generative AI
  • Ethical implications of prompt engineering
  • Fact checking
  • Identifying false information
  • Verifying sources


  • Introduction to AI ethics
  • Best practices in AI ethics
  • Concerns around Generative AI ethics

  • Importance of AI ethics
  • Ways to prioritize responsible use of Generative AI

  • What is ethical prompt engineering?
  • Importance of ethical prompt engineering
  • Ethical prompt engineering in practice

  • Defining what is AI-generated content
  • Steps for fact-checking AI-generated content
  • AI tools for fact-checking
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Having a STEM background would be helpful.


Generative AI is a subset of AI that focuses on understanding patterns and structure in data and then using that to create more data like it.

Until now, machines couldn’t exhibit behavior that was indistinguishable from human responses. Generative AI has made that possible. In a world that operates on the principle of ‘Survival of the Fittest’, embracing Generative AI could be the edge you need to boost your productivity, improve operations, be more reliable and consistent, and do so much more.

Prompt engineering is a technique for refining large language models using specific prompts to get the desired outputs. Simply put, prompt engineering is the technique of writing specific effective prompts to get the desired outputs from Generative AI tools.

Yes, absolutely! The Responsible AI online course is a virtual, instructor-led program so you can enroll and learn from anywhere.

This course is designed to be highly hands-on for all learners. Roughly 70% of this course would be hands-on practical training while 30% would be theoretical studies.

Yes! There will be a pre- and post-assessment for every module during this Responsible AI online training course.

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