Duration: 16 Hours
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This program covers the details about Docker, the containerization tool. It also focuses on understanding how to create your own flexible application environments by using Docker Compose.

What You'll Learn

Upon completion of the Dockers platform training course, the participant would be able to:
  • Run containers on Docker platform
  • Build images to run containers
  • Host private registries
  • Setup various networks to boot containers
  • Work with Docker Remote API
  • Manage a cluster of containers
  • Set up Continuous Integration with Docker
Duration: 16 Hours


  • Common Chef Terminology (Server, Workstation, Client, Repository etc.)
  • Servers and Nodes
  • Chef Configuration Concepts

  • How to configure Knife
  • Execute some commands to test connection between knife and workstation

  • Create organization
  • Add yourself and node to organization

  • Create a server and add to organization
  • Check node details using knife
  • Node Objects and Search

  • Check node Details
  • Environments

Add servers to environments

  • Create roles
  • Add Roles to organization

  • Understanding of Attributes
  • Creating Custom Attributes
  • Defining in Cookbooks

  • Understanding the data bags
  • Creating and managing the data bags
  • Creating the data bags using CLI and Chef Console
  • Sample data bags for Creating Users
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Basic understanding of Linux

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