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Duration: 13 days
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Duration: 13 days
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DB2 is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that stores, processes, analyzes, and retrieves data efficiently. It also incorporates object-oriented features and non-relational structures with XML making it a robust database product.

Cognixia’s DB2 training course covers the DB2 ecosystem in detail, with a hands-on approach to learning. It explores the intricacies of the database systems through practical as well as theoretical insights on working and interacting with the DB2 software.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to Relational Data Models
  • DB2 fundamentals
  • The IBM data studio tool
  • Working with Windows OS
  • Overview of databases and database objects
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Data concurrency concepts
  • Db2 security, backup and recovery
  • Pure XML and programming fundamentals


  • Data and databases
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  • Information model and data model
  • Relational Data model and Relational Databases
  • Normalization

  • Product overview
  • Editions and features
  • Licensing
  • Fundamentals
  • Architecture
  • Users
  • Instances
  • DB2 client
  • Storage
  • Table spaces
  • Buffer pools
  • Security
  • SQL and XQuery
  • IBM Data Studio
  • DSAC I

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Database creation
  • Instance creation
  • Table space creation
  • Working with Buffer pool

  • Servers, instances and databases
  • Managing instances
  • Creating a DB2 database
  • Cataloging
  • Database (Data) Objects

  • SQL
  • Data definition language
  • Data manipulation language
  • JOINs
  • Data Control Language
  • Transaction Control Statements

  • Database transactions
  • Concurrency
  • Concurrency issues
  • Concurrency control
  • Isolation levels
  • Locking
  • Specifying Isolation levels

  • Authentication
  • Trusted context
  • Authorization
  • Authorities
  • Privileges
  • Label-based Access Control (LBAC)

  • Backup
  • Recovery

  • Overview of XML
  • Pure XML in DB2
  • XML Data movement in DB2
  • XQuery and SQL/XML
  • XML Indices in DB2
  • Application Development

  • Application Development Environment
  • Embedded SQL
  • Static SQL
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Routines
  • Types
  • Benefits
  • Usage
  • Tools for developing business
  • Triggers
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Who should attend

This DB2 course is highly recommended for current and aspiring –
  • Database Administrators
  • Project managers
  • Front office professionals
  • SAP Basis/SUP professionals
  • Data warehousing professionals
  • B2B integrators
  • ESB consultants
  • MDM Solution consultants


Having an understanding of operating systems and database concepts will be beneficial for participants, though not mandatory.

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    Participants will be awarded with an exclusive certificate upon successful completion of the program. Every learner is evaluated based on their attendance in the sessions, their scores in the course assessments, projects, etc. The certificate is recognized by organizations all over the world and lends huge credibility to your resume.

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