Certified Scrum Master Training

Duration: 16 Hours
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A Scrum Master is the Scrum team member responsible for fostering an effective and productive working environment as well as guiding the other team members in understanding the Scrum values, principles, and practices. Scrum Masters need to be people-oriented, have a very high level of emotional intelligence, and be keen to help team members grow. However, meeting these requirements is not enough. One needs to validate their skills and expertise with international certification. For Scrum Masters, one of the best Scrum certifications they could pursue is the Certified Scrum Master offered by Scrum Alliance.

The Certified Scrum Master online training is designed to help individuals master the Scrum framework and build a thorough understanding of team accountabilities, events, and artifacts. It focuses on helping individuals understand how to guide their team as well as other teams to apply Scrum.

Cognixia’s live instructor-led online Certified Scrum Master training is an interactive and engaging learning experience for the participants. The Scrum Master certification online training helps participants imbibe the important hands-on skills that they can immediately apply in the real world and expand their career opportunities. After completing the Certified Scrum Master training, participants would need to appear for the official CSM examination to earn their credentials as a Certified Scrum Master. Anybody, no matter how new to the agile way of work, will derive immense value from this Certified Scrum Master online training. Scrum is applicable across industries and even across potentially cross-functional teams, such as marketing, data science, HR, etc. This Scrum Master Certification training is a great value addition for anybody looking to learn a better way to solve complex problems.

Our online Certified Scrum Master certification training covers all the relevant concepts like why we need Scrum and Scrum Masters, how to introduce Scrum in an organization, how to coach the product owner to build products in increments, and how to coach the teams to become learning teams. Undergoing this CSM online training will help you master how to adopt agile practices, demonstrate your attainment of core Scrum knowledge, learn all about the foundation of Scrum as well as the scope of the role, and engage with agile practitioners who are committed to continuous improvement.

What You'll Learn

  • Career opportunities for certified professionals expand as they remain relevant and marketable across various industry sectors
  • Certified professionals demonstrate accomplishment of core Scrum knowledge to employers and peers
  • Certification helps in learning the foundation of Scrum and scope of ScrumMaster’s role from the most experienced professionals in Scrum
  • The certification helps the professional to engage with a community of Scrum experts
  • As a CSM, the professional will be able to fill the roles of a ScrumMaster or a Scrum team member
  • The CSM gains an understanding of Scrum framework
  • The CSM gains access to local groups, networks, and resources available only to Scrum Alliance members


  • Mental Model
  • Incremental Delivery
  • Agile & Empirical Process

  • ScrumMaster as a Systems Thinker
  • ScrumMaster as a Change Agent
  • ScrumMaster as a Facilitator

  • Forming Scrum Team
  • Class Project
  • Building Product Backlog
  • Identifying MVP

  • Sizing Product Backlog
  • Refining Product Backlog
  • Sprint Simulation
  • Post workshop
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  • Members of Scrum teams such as developers, ScrumMasters, and product owners
  • Managers of Scrum teams
  • Teams transitioning to Scrum
  • Professionals intending to pursue the Professional ScrumMaster certification


Certified Industry Experts/Subject Matter Experts with immense experience under their belt

Software Developers, Scrum Masters, Project and Product Managers, Software and System Architects, and managers of Scrum teams, product owners

Yes, the course completion certificate is provided once you successfully complete the training program. You’ll be evaluated on attendance in the sessions, objective examination scores, and other factors. Based on your overall performance with these parameters, you’ll be certified by Scrum alliance.

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