Authoring Rules with Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Live Classroom
Duration: 3 days
Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 3 days
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This course introduces the participants to the Red Hat JBoss BRMS rules engine and repository. This course is designed equip the participants with the skills required to create business logic as business rules, using a graphical interface, without requiring software development skills. After completing the course, participants will be able to use the Business Central web interface to develop and test business rules for use by applications using languages that can be understood by business experts as well as software developers. They will also be able to create business rules using the Drolls declarative language, decision tables and Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and test business rules outside of an application.

This course is based on Red Hat JBoss BRMS 6.

What You'll Learn

  • Authoring basic business rules in Business Central
  • Decision tables and rule templates
  • Develop domain-specific languages (DSLs)
  • Testing business rules
  • Authoring complex business rules in Business Central


  • Learn about the architecture
  • Understand the need for a business rules management system for Red Hat JBoss BRMS

  • Identify business rule structure, components, including facts working memo, and rule components
  • Learn how to author rules with Business Central

Create spreadsheets with rules and rule templates

Use domain-specific languages created by developers to create rules

Test business rules using the Business Central web interface

  • Author complex business rules using advanced conditions and field constraints
  • Control rule execution
  • Learn how to avoid rule conflicts
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Who should attend

This course is designed for professionals responsible for creating and adapting business policies and Rule authors responsible for authoring and testing rules. This course is highly recommended for:
  • Business analysts
  • Enterprise architects
  • Java™ EE application developers


To attend this course, participants need to have a basic understanding of data structures such as tables and their relationships, for example, orders and order items. They also need to have experience in developing business rules, experience in business modelling and the ability to work with spreadsheets.

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