SharePoint Governance, Planning and Adoption

Live Classroom
Duration: 3 days
Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 3 days
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This three day course is a comprehensive discussion about the best techniques for deploying SharePoint by focusing on how to build and maintain proper governance. The course discusses the business case and ROI of SharePoint as well as how to align SharePoint with an organization’s vision. The course draws attention to governance by discussing the value of proper governance planning deployment and ongoing support. During the course, participants are introduced to the different features of SharePoint and the considerations around each pertaining to governance. The course also covers the most important considerations for business as well as operational decisions that need to be made to guarantee a successful SharePoint deployment.

What You'll Learn

  • Key components of SharePoint: Lists, Libraries, permissions
  • In-depth understanding of the Social features and their value
  • The importance of Governance
  • How to form a Governance team and manage its success
  • How to ask the right questions of the key players
  • How to complete a Governance checklist
  • Steps to engaging users with a SharePoint User Group Community
  • Getting teams onboard with SharePoint – Showing value to drive engagement
  • How to guarantee SharePoint is secure
  • How to show the value of the Enterprise Collaboration features


  • Audience
  • Objectives

  • What is SharePoint?
  • Business objectives
  • Tying to the Corporate Vision
  • Editions
  • Hosting
  • Edition comparison
  • Lab 1: Defining the Vision/Mission of SharePoint

  • Architecture fundamentals
  • Lists
  • Libraries
  • Permissions overview
  • Collaboration features
  • Lab 2: Creating a basic SharePoint site
    • What exactly is governance?
    • When should governance start?
    • Creating the plan
    • Defining guiding principles
    • Discuss social
    • Defining roles and responsibilities
    • Defining policies and guidelines
    • Lab 3: Principle development and social planning

    • Business considerations
    • Technical considerations
    • Information architecture considerations
    • Lab 4: Planning checklist

    • Engaging teams
    • Sites that drive usage
    • Including everyone in the process
    • SharePoint users community
    • Training and support
    • Lab 5: Creating a SPUG community

    • Authentication mechanisms
    • Sharing information internally and externally
    • Roles-based management
    • Permission levels
    • Tightening security in central admin and site collections
    • Building and communicating the security plan

    • What is ECM?
    • What are the components?
    • Managing site lifecycle
    • Advanced tools (content organizer, information management policies)
    • Records management
    • Lab 6: Managing site permissions, defining and using content

    • Understanding the business need and value proposition
    • Social features (Newsfeed, ratings, Folksonomy: Social tagging, E2.0 tools)
    • Going beyond the ‘comfort’ zone to make teams more productive
    • Lab 7: Using the social tools to engage teams

    • Planning is critical from the beginning
    • Understanding how search works in SharePoint

    • BI tools (Excel services, Visio services, PerformancePoint services, Access services, Power View, PowerPivot for SharePoint and SQL)
    • Which tools should you use?

    • Exporting to Excel
    • OneDrive Pro
    • Outlook connections
    • Site MailBoxes
    • Office web apps
    • Lab 8: Working with Office integration

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    Who should attend

    The class is for SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office 365 users. It is highly recommended for –
    • SharePoint governance leads
    • IT business analysts
    • Key SharePoint stakeholders
    • SharePoint deployment
    • Project managers
    • Site owners

    Interested in this Course?


      This course helps participants earn the SharePoint Governance Certificate. This certificate recognizes the ability of an individual to succeed in aligning his or her organization’s unique needs and goals with a good SharePoint governance plan. SharePoint Governance is an essential part of any successful SharePoint deployment. It encompasses the set of policies, roles, responsibilities and processes that control how an organization’s business divisions and IT teams work together. The certification exam involves multiple-choice and true/false questions in a web-based examination.

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