Duration: 32 Hours
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QlikView is an in-memory business discovery tool. It is a Business Intelligence application that helps organizations of all sizes in data discovery.

What You'll Learn

At the end of the course you would have learnt about
  • QlikView Conventions
  • Basic QlikView terminologies
  • Charts in QlikView
  • Loading cross tables
  • Working with Security Features
Duration: 32 Hours


  • What are QlikView Conventions
  • QlikView General conventions
  • Keyboard conventions and Regional settings

  • Starting QlikView
  • The QlikView Start Page
  • Opening documents
  • Saving documents
  • Basic QlikView terminologies
  • Closing documents
  • Help Using Documents on QlikView Server
  • Selections Stepping back or forward in the list of selections
  • Locking and unlocking selections
  • Searching values in Selection bookmarks
  • Saving and Checking your work

  • A brief into QlikView Sheets
  • Logical connections between QlikView sheets
  • Adding QlikView sheets
  • Moving QlikView sheets
  • Adding new sheet objects
  • Saving, closing and exiting in QlikView

  • Looking at a delimited text file in QlikView
  • Creating new QlikView documents
  • Loading text files into QlikView

  • Opening QlikView documents
  • Exploring the list box
  • Exploring statistics box

  • A brief into making selections in a chart
  • Changing chart types in QlikView
  • Creating a bar chart using the Quick Chart Wizard in QlikView
  • Creating a bar chart using the full chart wizard in QlikView
  • Removing a chart from QlikView
  • Changing chart properties
  • Cloning and detaching charts
  • Turning the bar chart into a pie chart

  • Adding a dimension to bar chart
  • Creating a straight table

  • Creating line charts
  • Adding an expression to a bar chart
  • Turning the bar chart into a combo chart
  • Turning the combo chart into a scatter chart
  • Creating a scatter chart from scratch
  • Creating a gauge chart
  • Working with drill-down functionality
  • Copying to Clipboard and printing

  • QlikView multi box
  • QlikView table box using an input box

  • The QlikView text object
  • The line/arrow object
  • The button in QlikView

  • The slider/calendar object
  • Creating Current Selections box in QlikView
  • Creating bookmark objects in QlikView
  • Saving, closing and exiting

  • Creating QlikView Documents
  • Setting QlikView Documents
  • Properties, User Preferences & Reloading data
  • Checking your work

  • Associations in QlikView
  • Loading and associating a second table
  • Renaming fields
  • Automatic concatenation
  • Forced concatenation

  • Using the Table Viewer in QlikView
  • Labeling tables in the script
  • Improving the QlikView layout
  • Creating a theme in QlikView
  • Applying a theme in QlikView

  • Looking at info tables
  • Loading info tables in QlikView
  • Viewing linked information
  • Embedding external info in QlikView
  • Displaying info in text objects

  • Creating QlikView system sheets
  • Using QlikView system sheets
  • Creating a system table
  • Showing frequency in key fields

  • Adding records with Load Inline
  • Adding tables with Load Inline
  • Field groups
  • Cyclic display of expressions

  • Loading cross tables into QlikView
  • Loading cross tables with more than one regular column into QlikView

  • Making an ‘and-selection’
  • Making a ‘not selection’
  • Characteristics of the ‘and table’

  • Handling and Interpretation of numeric data
  • Formatting of data

  • Sections in the Script
  • Access levels in QlikView
  • Security fields in QlikView
  • Loading security tables
  • Using the Security pages
  • Opening a QlikView document with access restriction
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