Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP – EPO)

Live Classroom
Duration: 2 days
Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 2 days
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Enterprise product owners, product owners, product managers, business analysts and other value managers need to look at the overall business value across a range of proposals to make critical business decisions, ensuring that their initiatives are aligned with the company strategy and are articulating value at the organization level. This course enables participants to go into specific tools and techniques to help keep the organization’s initiatives on the value track. The course takes participants through Product Ownership as a team sport, through a mix of exercises, case studies and lectures. The course covers the tools and techniques required to manage value generation at a broader level, which would help take the organization towards greater agility.

The course helps participants to earn their ICAgile Certified Professional in Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP – EPO) certification.

What You'll Learn

  • Product ownership as a team sport
  • Product ownership in context with other roles
  • Understanding vision and strategy
  • Defining strategic outcomes
  • Selecting initiatives and scope
  • Model and mentor value-based thinking
  • Defining enterprise value
  • Value context around initiatives
  • Building for discovery vs. Building for delivery
  • Enterprise-wide stakeholder analysis


  • Opening
  • Course objectives and agenda
  • ICAgile certification overview
  • Introductions
  • Class working assignments

  • Product ownership challenges
  • It’s a VUCA world

  • The product ownership team
  • Product ownership interaction with other roles and disciplines
  • Product ownership at the enterprise level
  • Organizing for value

  • Understanding vision and strategy
  • Defining strategic outcomes
  • Selecting initiatives and scope
  • Model and mentor value-based thinking

  • Facilitating outcomes regarding values
  • Reaching consensus of multiple stakeholders
  • Decision making for value optimization

  • Aligning with strategic value
  • Value to the customer and organization
  • Multiple dimensions of value
  • Value over time

  • Articulate value proposition
  • Any change is people change

  • The discovery process
  • See the whole initiative
  • Enterprise-wide stakeholder analysis

  • Ideation and invention
  • Know the constraints, manage the risks

  • Discovery through building and feedback
  • Business value assumptions
  • Pivoting

  • Avoiding waste
  • Prioritizing for value
  • Ensuring alignment with enterprise goals

  • Review key takeaways
  • Review ICAgile learning objectives and video
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Who should attend

The course is highly beneficial for anyone who aims to lead teams with greater efficiency and achieve tangible results. The course is recommended for –

  • Enterprise product owners
  • Product owners
  • Product managers
  • Product leadership
  • Value managers
  • Anyone on their path to be a value manager
  • Portfolio managers
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Agile customers
  • Business analysts


This is an intermediate/advanced level workshop. Participants for this course need to have completed basic Agile training, such as, an ICAgile accredited Agile fundamentals course, a certified Scrum Master course or an equivalent, or have completed 6 to 12 months of working with Agile teams. It would also be beneficial for participants to have attended the Business Value Analysis course to have a thorough understanding of the Agile product owner role.

Interested in this Course?


    The ICP-EPO is one of the two certifications on the ICAgile Product Ownership track. The certification focuses on the behaviors and skills necessary to transform an output-based enterprise into an impact and outcome-driven enterprise. It also looks at eliminating silos to organize initiatives around value-delivery.

    There is no certification exam associated with the ICP-EPO certification.

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