AI Pair Programming using GitHub Co-pilot

Learn how to implement GitHub Co-pilot to improve productivity
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This course will help the learners understand the fundamentals of GitHub Co-pilot and how to use improve productivity as well as foster innovation in the workplace. It will also showcase some important use cases of GitHub Co-pilot as well as some real-life examples of how it has helped boost productivity.

Why this

This course will help you learn and understand:

  • Distinctions between GitHub Co-pilot for individuals, for business, and X
  • How to leverage GitHub Co-pilot to boost productivity
  • How to seamlessly integrate GitHub Co-pilot into your workflows


  • Introduction
  • GitHub Co-pilot – your AI Pair Programmer
  • Setup, configure and troubleshoot GitHub Co-pilot
  • Exercise: Develop with AI-powered code suggestions using GitHub Co-pilot and VS Code

  • Introduction
  • About GitHub Co-pilot for Business
  • GitHub Co-pilot for Business use cases and customer stories
  • How to get started with GitHub Co-pilot for Business
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Basic understanding of GitHub


Generative AI is a subset of AI that focuses on understanding patterns and structure in data and then using that to create more data like it.

Until now, machines couldn’t exhibit behavior that was indistinguishable from human responses. Generative AI has made that possible. In a world that operates on the principle of ‘Survival of the Fittest’, embracing Generative AI could be the edge you need to boost your productivity, improve operations, be more reliable and consistent, and do so much more.

Yes, absolutely! The AI Pair Programming using GitHub Co-pilot online course is a virtual, instructor-led program so you can enroll and learn from anywhere.

This course is designed to be highly hands-on for all learners. Roughly 70% of this course would be hands-on practical training while 30% would be theoretical studies.

Yes! There will be a pre- and post-assessment for every module during this GitHub Co-pilot online training course.

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