Agile Boot Camp for Non-Software Work: ICP Fundamentals Certification

Live Classroom
Duration: 3 days
Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 3 days
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Agile techniques play a key role in software development. However, these methodologies can be applied to many other types of business work as well. The Agile boot camp for non-software work discusses application of the agile techniques to different business processes, such as, infrastructure, operations, etc. The course explores the application of popular agile techniques for both discovery and operation work. It also covers the basic concepts behind agility and how agile can help in the daily tasks.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand agile principles, concepts and mindset, and their importance
  • Learn to apply the agile concepts to work other than software development
  • Follow the team approach – start as a team, finish as a team, while focusing on delivering value to the organization
  • Understand the power of the teams and typical agile team roles
  • Learn agile approaches for sustainability, infrastructure operations and non-IT work
  • Understand when to use methods like scrum and Kanban
  • Learn methods that support incremental and emergent projects as well as continuous work flow
  • Understand agile planning techniques
  • Grasp the value of continuous planning
  • Map and visualize workflow to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline capacity
  • Learn how to achieve a continuous improvement culture
  • Learn how to practice and maintain regular cadence to delivering excellence at work


Why Agile? The case for change

Becoming Agile

  • Agile mental models
  • Agile manifesto
  • Agile principles
  • Agile practices

Building an agile team

Delivery with Scrum

  • Vision
  • Roadmap
  • User roles and personas

  • Writing user stories
  • Prioritization
  • Estimating

  • The daily scrum
  • Story review
  • Visual management
  • Agile metrics

  • The iteration review
  • The Demo
  • The Retrospective

  • Kanban’s five core properties
  • Kanban Emergent behaviors
  • Kanban concepts, principles and terminology

  • Visualization of work
  • Work item types, card walls
  • Workflow, queues and buffers
  • Cadences, work-in-progress
  • Bottlenecks, issues and blocked items

  • Tracking work-in-process, cumulative flow diagrams
  • Lead time, trends, throughput

  • Scaling Kanban for different size efforts
  • Minimal marketable release
  • Two-tiered card walls

  • Three types of improvement opportunities
  • Estimations, Class of service
  • Service level agreements, policies

  • Kaizen culture and mindset
  • Agile leadership
  • Kotter’s model
  • Continuous improvement culture
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Who should attend

The boot camp is highly recommended for –
  • Anyone wanting to apply Agile to their work
  • Business professionals wanting to apply Agile to their business projects and processes
  • Infrastructure, Operations, Sustainability, Support Services professionals
  • Teams and individuals engaged in non-IT work, projects or continuous flow work
  • Teams and individuals who support or work with other Agile teams
  • Specialty Teams, Transactional Teams
  • Software developers


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Interested in this Course?


    Participants will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) designation upon course completion, based on their exposure to the agile fundamentals learning objectives, covered in the course.

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